1. FireWire® Classic | Windproof TurboJet® Flame Lighter


    Minimalist design, with a useful windproof flame, FireWire® Classic is the perfect lighter for starting a fire. Using TurboJet® Flame technology, similar to the TurboJet® FireWire®, this lighter is perfect for the harsh outdoors, with a windproof flame. The flame can also run whilst upside down, meaning you can use it at awkward angles, which standard lighters cannot achieve.
    Crafted from a protective alloy metal body, this compact lighter measures 58mm in length and 36mm in width, making it strong and an ideal size to fit in a pocket. A one handed flame adjuster allows you to use the lighter at different strenghts.
    Delivered in a waterproof and durable gift box to put your valuables in, making it ideal as a gift.
    Additional information:
    Dimensions :
    - Length: 58mm
    - Width: 36mm
    - Depth: 13mm
    Weight :
    - 71g
    Material :
    - Alloy metal body
    Features :
    - Windproof Turbojet flame
    - Refillable with lighter gas
    - Flame adjuster
    - Works upside down
    - 1300 degrees flame
    - Piston hinged flip lid


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