1. Spyder 3 Arctic Blue Handheld Laser


    First and foremost, we are laser enthusiasts. We desire nothing more than to achieve perfection in our craft. For us, pushing the limits of technology is part of our daily routine. It’s only impossible if we don’t try.
    As we continue to advance in our search for perfection, we’ve set benchmarks for others to follow and new limits for us to test. This is our mission. We plan to continually push the boundaries of technology and create products that challenge the imagination far into the future.
    We wanted to create the world’s most powerful handheld laser - we succeeded and inadvertently set a world record in doing so. We are extremely proud to be included in the Guinness Book of World Records for 2007. This will serve as a testament to our commitment to providing the world with the most sophisticated laser products technology can offer.
    Designed and developed by some of the world’s best engineers, the Spyder Series stands at the pinnacle of laser technology. Lithium powered, water resistant and ultimately powerful, the Spyder Series is our most advanced line of handheld lasers to date.
    We still have much to prove as there is still a world of possibilities in front of us. Our quest to turn science fiction into reality has only just begun.
    The S3 Series are the world’s first and only hand held lasers equipped
    with SmartSwitch™ technology. It combines both safety and
    intelligence by requiring the user to follow a protocol of simple clicks
    and click/holds to operate the device.
    Technical Specifications
    Model Name: S3 Arctic Series
    Laser Class: 4
    Wavelength: 445nm nomimal center λ
    Laser Type: GaN
    Lasing medium: Direct Diode
    Laser Power: up to 2 Watt
    Beam Shape: 2mm x 5mm
    Beam Divergence: 1.5mRad
    Size: 257mm x 35.8mm
    Occular Distance Hazard up to 211 meters
    Beam Distance up to 55 kilometers
    Eyewear O.D. 3.0+
    Power Consumption: 3.7V @ 1A
    Battery Lifetime: up to 180 minutes
    Weight: 378g
    Laser Body: 6061-T6 Aircraft-Grade Aluminum
    Power supply: 18650 Lithium-Ion Rechargeable Battery
    Switch: Push Button Constant On / Off, Lock-Out Tail Cap, Electronic Mode switch
    Modes: Low-Medium-High Power / Strobe / Continuous / Momentary / Tactical Standby modes
    Duty Cycle: Continous
    Expected lifetime: >5,000 hours
    Warranty: 1 Year



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