1. Barnett Ghost 410



    - The Barnett Ghost 410 crossbow is the definition of speed and power combined. Such features in a compact and smooth shooting crossbow are perfect for target shooters and bowhunters alike.


    - Draw Weight: 185 lbs.,

    - Speed: 410 FPS,

    - Power Stroke: 15.375",

    - Axle to Axle: 20",

    - Length: 37.375",

    - Width Uncocked: 21.875",

    - Mass Weight: 7.2 lbs.

    Barnett Ghost 410 CRT Crossbow Package includes:

    - A quick detachable quiver to optimize hunts in tree stands.

    - A 3×32 four-reticle illuminated (red/green/black) crossbow scope already sighted so you can enjoy shooting right away

    - A rope cocking device to facilitate cocking your crossbow

    - A Sample of string wax

    - A Padded Sling

    - A Recoil pad

    - A Warranty card

    - All necessary hardware to mount the Ghost 410

    - 3 Easton 22” bolts with field points


    - Meant for Stealth hunting, the Barnett Ghost 410 CRT Crossbow is a Ghost series compound crossbow that has an impressive speed rating of 410 FPS. It comes in black finish. It Features a Carbon Riser Technology for a 43 percent reduction in weight and a CNC machined aluminum flight track resulting in better aiming in hunting situations. As for safety, the pass-through fore grip with finger reminders is increasing significantly safety for any user. In addition, the Barnett crossbow packages include all that you need to shoot right after assembling.

    - The Barnett Ghost 410 delivers 410 FPS for about 150 ft-lbs. of kinetic energy with 400-grain bolts at 185 pounds of draw weight. These big numbers mean deadly accurate shots as far as 80 yards and probably more.

    - The grip is comfortable and also moisture-resistant. The design is all about stealth and gives you the feeling you are on a recon mission. No wonder why they call it Ghost.

    - The power of the ghost 410 compensate the arrow drops effect of distance. The ballistic curve of this crossbow still efficient even at 70 yards.

    - The Barnett Ghost 410 is clearly on the top of the market since its apparition. Accuracy, Distances, Power, and Safety are four important words when you are looking to purchase a crossbow. The Ghost 410 encompass all of them.

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