1. Military Kevlar® Helmets
  2. Military Kevlar® Helmets


    Stops penetration of Level II threats

    Military PASGT helmets have been tested by an H.P. White certified lab for V-50 Fragmentation, and to stop penetration of the rounds used for NIJ Level II tests: e.g., 9 mm FMJ, at ~1,175 fps (~358 mps)

    V-50 is a mil-spec standard for ballistic protection at which 50% of projectiles are stopped, and 50% penetrate. For helmets, V-50 generally refers to Fragmentation, NOT bullets.

    • V-50 of 2,150 fps (655 mps) is better than mil-spec for the US Army PASGT Helmet! (MIL-STD-662E is 2,000 fps minimum (609 mps)
    • ~3.5 lbs (1.6 kg.)
    • we supply this helmet with the most secure suspension – 3-point quick-release chin strap system plus foam top doughnut and back pad for the most comfortable and secure fit
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