1. Barnett Vengeance



    - CRT (Carbon Riser Technology) – This technology reduces the weight of the Barnett Vengeance by 43% compared to standard risers compositions by replacing much of the riser construction with a lightweight carbon. The combination of CRT and reverse draw technology is unique to the Vengeance and is obviously a winning combo as it makes the crossbow light, compact, and balanced without sacrificing any strength or durability.

    - ADF/MIM Trigger Technology – A standard technology set on modern crossbows, this system allows for a crisp yet very light 3.5 lb trigger pull even on crossbows with very high draw weights, at the same it increases the safety rating of the crossbow by automatically engaging the safety when it is cocked, and not allowing the safety to be released until an arrow is properly loaded into position.

    - 3x32mm Multiple Reticle Scope – A quality scope that allows you to choose between three different colors of reticles and is illuminated for better low light visibility it isn’t the best and isn’t the worst but it is certainly enough for hunting and perfect for beginners.

    - Rope Cocking Device – This standard rope cocker adds good value to the Barnett Vengeance package, however it seems as though those who are on the shorter side (under 5’8”) may have troubles using this cocker in its base state due to its length. However shortening the string is a rather simple process and should remedy this problem but it is something to take note of.

    - 3x Barnett Headhunter 20” Arrows – Three of Barnett’s popular Headhunter bolts are included with the Vengeance package these bolts come equipped with field tips and are very suitable for hunting once you attach your broadhead of choice. These make a great addition to the package.

    - Premium Quick Detach Quiver –This quiver holds three bolts (20-22 inch) and is designed to be able to be removed quickly should the need arise which is useful in a hunting scenario. It is composed of a very durable composite and is of a high build quality.


    - Draw Weight: 140 lbs

    - Kinetic Energy: 118

    - Power Stroke: 18 Inches

    - FPS: 365

    - Total Weight: 7.9 lbs

    - Length: 33.75 Inches

    - Width: 23.25 Inches

    - Arrow Lgth./Grain 20″/400

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