1. M44S | AR/M4 Polymer Hand Guard Quad Rail


    SKU: M44S
    The M44S Polymer Handguard Quad Rail for AR15/M4 rifles with durability, reliability, and maintaining balance while interfacing with all issued weapon system components. 
    The M44S Polymer Handguard Quad Rail defines as a superior zero retention by having the upper three rail section mount underneath the end cap and secured in a place with a friction fit ledge with roll pins. 
    The receiver end of the M44S is tightly secured to the barrel with a nut bracket attached to the upper three rail section with four captive flathead screws. The bottom rail uses locking lugs with a retaining pin for a secure mount to the upper hand guard.
    → Top rail creates one long monolithic rail along with the existing flat top rail
    → Equipped with two push button sling swivel mounting points in the front
    → Slots around the rails provide maximum ventilation
    → Constructed of Alumium material 
    → CNC machined to MIL-1913 standards with a hard anodized black oxide - ease for maintenance
    → Compatible with grenade-launchers


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