1. MGRIP1 | Magazine Well Grip - AR15/M4


    SKU: MGRIP1 (black color)
    SKU: MGRIP1G (green color)
    SKU: MGRIP1TAN (tan color)
    The MGRIP1 Ergonomic CQB Magazine Grip is designed for the Picatinny rail hand guard. This polymer made fore grip, is modeled with a more vertical grip angle optimized checkered finger grooves and rubberized, skeleton backstrap. The MGRIP1 is made for a close and tight grip, providing a natural feel with controlled operation and comfortable carry.
    → Picatinny rail prevents any loose movement
    → Modeled with a finger groove with added control
    → No assembly required – storage compartment holds batteries, and firing items
    → Provides more control during firing while reducing fatigue
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