1. UPG16 | AR15/M4 Pistol Grip


    SKU: UPG16 (black color)
    SKU: UPG16G (green color)
    SKU: UPG16T (tan color)
    The UPG16 Interchangeable Pistol Grip is a drop-in update for the standard AR15/M4/M16 single handed grip. The ergonomic, six-piece rubber, grip consolidates an anti-slip texturing with an interchangeable front and back straps. The one-piece fortified polymer development gives integrity and allows customizing grips to fit all hand sizes for maximum comfort.
    → Interchangeable pistol grip replaces the original AR/M4/M16 stock grip
    → Provides increased control and decreases any fatigue during firing
    → Designed easily with finger grooves & palm swell for increased powerful gripping
    → Equipped with a storage compartment for small items
    → Minimizes risk of slippage when wet
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