1. Safety Eyewear MSA Racers Smoke


    CODE: 10104617


    MSA America's Racers Smoke Lenses Safety Eyewear is the best safety for your eyes from all the dangerous factors that can affect your field of vision.
    The Racers Smoke Lenses offer total eye protection of up to 99.9% UV-UV radiation and combine the toughest safety specifications with dynamic and modern design.
    The MSA Racers Smoke lens is a single polycarbonate, highly resistant to microparticles at high speed (198 m / s) and is certified with military standards. The lens also features an antistatic surface treatment that acts as a repellent and prevents dust from holding, while its UV-protected protection can absorb 99.9% UV-irradiation.
    Another special feature in MSA Racers Smoke is the popular Sightgard ™ anti-glare film. Special treatment of Sightgard ™ film prevents lens blur and ensures clear visibility even in environments with increased humidity. Additionally, anti-cracking lens processing works as an automatic sealing mechanism that protects glasses from scratches and scratches.
    The frame in the Racers Smoke Lenses is made of durable polycarbonate material in black and dynamic design, the bumps are carefully designed to avoid slipping from the face, and their recess is suitable for fitting to any type of nose.
    • Absolute eye protection 99.9% from UV radiation
    • Excellent anti-wrinkle protection thanks to the Sightgard ™ membrane
    • Increased scratch and impact resistance of microparticles with military specifications
    • Dynamic design for everyday use in every activity
    • Light construction for many hours of application
    • Soft skirts that do not slide and hold the glasses firmly on the face
    • Dark black flashlight for outdoor lighting with bright lighting
    • Top quality manufacturing with the guarantee of MSA America
    Suggested Use
    Racers Smoke Safety Goggles provide ultimate eye protection from ultraviolet UV rays, do not dull, are highly resistant to microparticles at high speed and are recommended for everyday use at work and any other outdoor activity in bright light conditions.
    • Lens Type: Polycarbonate
    • Lens color: Dark black
    • UV protection: 99.9%
    • Lens film: Sightgard ™ anti-glare & anti-glare
    • Optical lens class: Class 1 (top for continuous use)
    • Protection against impact: 198 m / s MILITARY-V-43511C clause 3.5.10 & MILITARY-PRF-31013
    • Lens Certification: 5-2,5 1 FT CE & MILITARY
    • Type of frame: Polycarbonate
    • Arm: Reinforced edges
    • Paraffin: Soft PVC
    • Weight: 31 gr
    • Certifications: EN166 FT CE, EN 170, EN 172
    • Safety glasses MSA Racers Smoke Lenses
    • Protective case MSA Soft pouch
    • Retainer cord
    • One (1) year manufacturer warranty
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