1. HAIX Safety Gray Soles



    HAIX Germany's Safety Gray interior airfoils are an indispensable accessory to ensure hygiene and leg comfort in the long-term use of footwear.


    Safety Gray inner soles are particularly lightweight, offer antibacterial protection and can be washed at 30 ° C. Also, Safety Gray insoles are climatic, their fabric fibers are chemically neutral and do not cause allergies, while allowing the sole to ventilate and at the same time to hold the thermal insulation of the footwear.


    When you buy HAIX Germany shoes, you have made the perfect choice. You have purchased a genuine professional high quality product that stands out from other footwear by special technical qualities. The life of the shoe, as well as your personal comfort can be greatly improved and enhanced by the proper care of the product.


    Try to get used to removing the shoes from the shoe every time you remove it. This process accelerates drying and allows the insole to maintain its high filament properties.



    • Anatomical design
    • A climatic structure that absorbs sweat
    • Hypoallergenic construction of chemically neutral fibers
    • They maintain excellent thermal insulation of the footwear
    • They are easy to wash at 30 ° C and dry quickly
    • With the quality guarantee of HAIX Germany

    Suggested Use

    Safety Gray Climatic Soles are designed for use with HAIX fire extinguishers:


    • Fire Flash Pro
    • Fire Flash
    • Flash Gamma Fire
    • Special FIghter
    • Florian Pro
    • Florian Europe
    • Fireman Yellow


    • One (1) pair of Safety Gray Indoor Climate Soles


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