1. GLOVES MECHANIX, M-Pact, Wolf Gray


    Mechanix M-Pact Wolf Gray Gloves
    The Wolf Gray M-Pact gloves provide protection for the hands of law enforcement and special forces in urban environments. Tungsten rubber outer cushioning (TPR) provides flexible impact protection from bumps and scratches. Outwardly the patented Impact Guard ™ release protects the pointer to smoothly enter the trigger guard and its mobility during hard operation. The double-layered construction inside the fingers reinforces the thumb and index finger to provide improved frictional resistance. XRD® add-on material in the palm absorbs vibrations and vibrations and reduces hand fatigue during engagement.
    - Impact Guard ™ technology protects the first EVA foam phalanx.
    - The thermoplastic rubber outer shell (TPR) protects the joints and fingers from blows.
    - Wolf Gray TrekDry® keeps hands cool and comfortable.
    - Thermoplastic rubber closure (TPR) provides application security.
    - Armortex® palm reinforcement
    - Double finger reinforcement on the fingertip provides extra durability
    - Relief texture on thumb and thumb offers additional adhesion.
    - The addition of XRD® foam to the palm, absorbs vibrations and vibrations.
    - Durable synthetic leather in the palm.
    - Nylon strap for pulling on placement.
    - Washing machine
    Predicted uses
    - Army
    - Law enforcement units
    - Shooting sports
    - Repair and maintenance work
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