1. MECHANIX GLOVES, The Original, Coyote


    Mechanix Gloves The Original Coyote
    Mechanix Original® gloves have revolutionized hand protection with its versatile design and has faithfully served its users so far. Durable microfiber increases the life of the gloves and TrekDry® breathable fabric on the back of the hand creates an excellent fit with perfect flexibility.Save your gloves and secure them from the nylon sock on the wrist.
    Original® provides unparalleled application, feel and functionality.
    • TrekDry® breathable fabric helps keep your hands cool and comfortable.
    • The thermoplastic rubber closure (TPR) and the seam offer a safe fit.
    • A single, single layer palm improves application and flexibility.
    • Washed in the washing machine
    Suggested uses
    • Army
    • Security Forces
    • Shooting sports
    • Repair and maintenance work
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