1. Mechanix The Original Wolf Gray Gloves


    Mechanix The Original Wolf Gray Gloves
    Original gloves have revolutionized the field of hand protection with their flexible design and since then faithfully serve their users. Durable microfiber increases the life of the glove and TrekDry® breathable material on the back of the hand creates excellent fit with very good flexibility. The gloves can be safely stored in the backpack or hung from the nylon loop placed under each wrist. Original® provides unparalleled application, feel and functionality so the user can concentrate on what's ahead of him.
    1. TrekDry® materials that retain their shape help keep the hands cool and comfortable.
    2. The thermoplastic rubber closure (TPR) and the seam allow for proper fitting.
    3. Stretch marks in areas of high wear, increase glove life.
    4. Single palm improves application and functionality.
    5. The helmet with the additional protection / reinforcement helps to place the gloves as well as to store them.
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