1. Bates C11460 Waterproof Combat Boot


    Bates C11460 Mens Gore-Tex ICWB Waterproof Combat Boot
    These Intermediate Cold/Wet Boots (ICWB) have been designed to protect your feet from cold injury and frostbite in areas where moisture and cold are critical factors, and where the mean monthly temperature ranges between 14 degrees and 68 degrees. The Intermediate Cold Weather Boot originated in the Marine Corps due to their need for a boot that was able to protect Marines from cold and wet environments that were too severe for the infantry combat boot but not so cold to warrant issuing the extreme cold weather boots. The intermediate cold/wet boot has an all-leather upper, with vibram lug outer sole, goodyear welt, speed lace, GORTEX lined w/ CAMBRELLE, padded collar, and a breathable leather tongue.
    • All leather Uppers
    • Gore-Tex waterproof lining w/Cambrelle
    • Breathable leather tongue
    • Removable 200 gm thinsulate liner
    • Padded collar
    Limited product size choices due to lack of stock.
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