1. CashStash+ | Emergency Cash Capsule


    The CashStash+ ensures you never go without cash in an emergency. Using similar design to the CashStash , the + is small and light design. Carry it with you at all times by simply attaching to your keyring.
    The cleverly constructed aircraft grade aluminium capsule will make sure if you’re covered if you’re stuck with no other options. The discreet stainless steel CashClip hold one note of any denomination around it.
    Designed with a neoprene ‘O’ ring, CashStash+ is completely waterproof making sure the note you store inside it is as good coming out as it was when you put it in.
    Delivered in a waterproof packaging, this multitool is ideal as a gift.
    Additional information:
    Dimensions :
    - Length: 43mm
    - Width: 16mm
    - Depth: 16mm
    Weight :
    - 6g
    Material :
    - Anodised aluminium
    Features :
    - Waterproof cash capsule


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