1. Tomahawk


    A tool with many uses that never stops . it can open road even through wall . No lockers or hinges can resist. A tool for firefighters or special forces or even for rescuers.

    Of course it wont say no if you want to cut woods for your fire or open poorly roads. The other edge of the axe has been designed so u can use it as hammer too.But very usefull is the handle where you can use it for lever or crowbar. The head of the axe even the handle are from steel 420HC.The handle with external ceramic protection (Cerakote) is very handy with the added of G10 even with wet hands. The case is with system Molle.

    Unique axe design from Gerber


    Complete handle-crowbar

    - Handle Colour : Tag

    - Length : 49 cm

    - Weight : 870 gr

    - Mixed weight with case : 1134 gr

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