1. Scorpus® M24 Level 1 Retention Scorpus® M24 With Level 1 Retention System


    Excellent handgun protection in a slim and streamlined design
    The Scorpus® Level 1 Retention System - Featuring two separate mechanisms, for truly secure hand gun retention.
    Special finger channel design, keeps index finger safely positioned during draw
    Fixed 24 degree Cant that enables comfortable drawing of the weapon while being seated and while standing
    Fixed belt adapter enables a slimmer design, placing the gun closer to the body
    Supports a new, wider belt loop design for easy threading, fits belt sizes- 33-58 mm(1.2”-2.2”)
    Holster supplied with a non-interchangeable belt adapter configuration, a Paddle or Belt Loop
    Available for Right Hand or Left Hand configuration
    Durable fiberglass reinforced polymer composite construction
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