1. Ghillie Suit Stealthsuit


    With the StealthSuit Ghillie Set you can cover half your body or put on the whole suit for total coverage! You can cover your back, upper body, and legs for an upright stalking suit. The StealthSuit Ghillie Set is made from super light-weight man-made burlap materials. The whole StealthSuit Ghillie Set only weighs 3 lbs., making it a supremely mobile outfit. The difference with this from other ghillie suits, is that the suit doesn't have a liner in the jacket, therefore it is lighter and cooler than other ghillie suits, such as the Ghillie Jacket and Pants. Put this suit on over your regular clothes to decrease your visibility in your surroundings significantly. Suit is water resistant, mold resistant, and non-allergenic.
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