1. M4-AK SB M4 Shock Absorbeing Folding Buttstock for AKM (Metal Joint)


    Non slip design provides superior shoulder positioning enhancing tactical performance
    Stock manufactured to fit your AKM 47 stamped receiver
    Shock Absorbing Mechanism Reduces Recoil
    Integrated quick detach sling swivel connectors on both sides
    Original GALIL folding mechanism made of Mill-Spec Hardened steel - stands extreme abuse
    After market sized 6061 hard anodized shock-absorbing aluminum buffer tube
    recoil reducing buffer, improves accuracy and "on-target" time during rapid fire
    Fit any M4 collapsible stock
    Built-in sealed batteries compartment
    Quick stock deployment, folds to the right side
    Ideal for use in confined areas and close-quarter engagements
    Minimal size when folded
    The toughest folding stock available
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