1. M4 SVD Side Folding and Collapsible Buttstock kit for SVD


    Slim and low profile, side folding design with built-in cheek rest
    Push-button side folding mechanism and spring based locking in folded  position for secure and efficient operation
    Durable and lightweight fiberglass reinforced polymer and aluminum construction
    Rubber butt pad enhances stability and reduces recoil
    Adjustable cheek rest with 5 height options
    Provides clearance for trigger when in folded position
    Improved maneuverability, target acquisition, on target time and muzzle control
    Right-folding mechanism by default, can be preordered in left-folding configuration
    Quick and easy installation with two screws (provided) no Gunsmith required
    Non-slip finger grooves and backstrap shape improves trigger operation
    Integral storage compartment for batteries or cleaning kit in the grip
    Quick-Detach sling swivel sockets on both side
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