Business lens with infinitely adjustable light intensity. 1000 Lumens intensity, rotary switch, instant light.
    It is built for business use. It incorporates a CREE XP-L HI V3 LED to deliver power up to 1000 lumens. With the unrivaled performance of the reflector due to crystal-coating technology coupled with digital precision optical technology, beam performance reaches 310 meters!
    The innovative rotary switch close to the lens head allows the infinitely adjustable light intensity from 0.5 Lumens up to 1000 Lumens.
    This switch can be set so that the lens always turns on at the desired volume. Also the rear switch allows for instant flashing. By pressing the switch to the middle of the stroke, the lens is turned on and the lens is deactivated.
    It features a shock-absorbing mechanism to provide resistance to recoil. It uses an 18650 battery and can operate for up to 500 hours but is also compatible with 2xCR123 or 2xRCR123.
    It can be used as effective as a lens for Security Bodies, Law Enforcement Bodies, Self-Defense.
    The front metal ring can be used to break crystals. There are many optional business accessories ready to meet every need. The body surface is engraved for better anti-slip grip. Its electronic circuit provides constant current for a uniform beam without shaking. The lens incorporates a sophisticated temperature control unit that adjusts the beam's intensity and adapts it to the environment to maintain the best performance. The "U" design on the rear of the lens prevents accidental activation but also allows support with its rear. The body is made of an aero-grade aluminum alloy that has undergone tough anodization of military specifications for durability. It is waterproof according to the IPX8 standard (underwater up to 2 meters deep) and resistant to drops up to 1.5 meters high.
    - Operating lens with infinitely adjustable brightness
    - Uses a CREE XP-L HI V3 LED
    - Maximum power 1000 Lumens
    - Incorporates 'Digital Optical Precision Technology' that delivers outstanding reflector performance
    - It surprises for the maximum beam intensity reaching 24,000 candles and its maximum distance reaching 310 meters
    - Rear switch designed for business use
    - Infinitely adjustable brightness from 0.5Lumens up to 1000 Lumens and special lighting STROBE
    - High-performance fixed electrical current circuit provides a wave without wave and up to 500 hours
    - Integrated shielding mechanism with inverse polarity protection (Patent No. 201220677948.7)
    - Advanced temperature control unit
    - Fully integrated metal ring.
    - Includes steel retaining clip (Titanium coated)
    - Made of an aluminum alloy of aeronautical quality that has been harshly anodized by military specifications HAIII
    - Waterproof according to IPX8 standard (two meters submarine)
    - Resistant to falls up to 1.5 meters high.
    - Ability to support its tail.
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