1. LED NITECORE PRECISE P30 Tactical 1000 Lumens LED


    LED NITECORE PRECISE P30 Tactical 1000 Lumens LED
    A small sized LED flashlight but for long distances. It accepts and operates with an 18650 battery and sends its beam up to 618 meters away. Its size is small enough to fit the hand and in combination with its small weight makes it particularly easy to use. Also the size of his body and head, allow it to be secured in weapons cannons. It also accepts remote control switch RSW1. A battery compartment for the CR123 / RCR123 is included in the package to prevent it from moving into the lens and ensuring good contact at the poles. It has two switches, a rear center and one head for selecting light intensity. It also has an advanced temperature control system that adjusts the beam's intensity according to the temperature developed in the lens. A built-in indicator helps to keep the user informed of the energy remaining in the battery. Waterproof with IPX8 certification (underwater up to 2 meters deep). It comes with a quality case, wrist strap, spare cover cover, spare rubber ring, retaining clip, business ring, CR123 / RCR123 battery case.
    - Incorporates a CREE XP-L Hi V3 LED
    - High-performance fixed current circuit provides maximum intensity up to 1000 Lumens
    - Digital Optical Precision Technology (PDOT) ensures excellent uniformity in the light beam.
    - Maximum transmission distance of 618 meters
    - The Business Side Side Switch provides easy access to the 5 brightness levels and 3 special functions.
    - Memory mode (Excludes the special SOS and Beacon mode).
    - Built-in indicator tells the battery voltage (Patent No. ZL201220057767.4)
    - Advanced Temperature Control (ATR) automatically adjusts the brightness according to the operating temperature to maintain the best performance.
    - Protection against reverse polarity.
    - Made of aero-grade aluminum alloy.
    - Titanium liner clip.
    - Glass of glass with anti-reflective coating
    - Hard anodization of HAIII military specifications
    - Waterproof according to IPX8 (Underwater up to 2 meters depth)
    - Resistant to falls up to 1.5 meters high.
    Length: .................................... .. 141.5 mm
    Head diameter: ............ .. 50 mm
    Tail diameter: ................... 25.4 mm
    Weight: ....................................... 165 gr battery
    Included in the package: Case, Replacement Elastic Ring, Wrist strap, Replacement cover
    Switch, Holding clip, Business ring, CR123 battery holder
    Optional: Remote control switch RSW1, Filters NFR50 & NFG50
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