Small metallic key for key ring with a power of 380 lumens!
    Made of aerodynamic aluminum alloy with galvanized silver tip, galvanized silver switches and special TORX screws.
    Inside is a high-capacity Li-ion battery (280mAh) that lasts up to 60 hours. It easily charges from various power sources via the micro USB port, such as USB Adapter, Power Bank, Solar Panel, Nitecore F2. The built-in electronic charging circuit protects against overcharging, overcharging, short circuits, and terminates charging on completion. During charging, the built-in LEDs under the main switches will flash to inform the user. When the charge is completed, the indicator lights will remain on.
    Its size is extremely small and lightweight. It weighs just 13.4 grams. It incorporates a CREE XP-G2 S3 LED with a lifetime of up to 50000 hours.
    Flexible, ultra-thin, printed circuit with low thermal resistance, takes up very little space and helps to repel the temperature. The threaded glass in front of the led provides gentle and uniform illumination.
    In standby mode, the battery lasts 365 days. It has two central switches for easy use. Direct access to the TURBO lighting of 380 Lumens. Four brightness levels (Turbo, High, Mid, Low) and two modes (Sample, Daily). Waterproof and dust-proof with IP68 certification. Sophisticated temperature control technology adjusts the intensity and adjusts it according to the external environment to maintain the best performance. At the back there is a steel key ring that can lift up to 30 kilos.
    - Small metallic LED flashlight for key ring
    - Incorporates a CREE XP-G2 S3 LED that delivers up to 380 Lumens
    - Incorporates special technology on LED crystals for smooth and uniform illumination.
    - Built-in rechargeable Li-ion battery 280mAh.
    - Intelligent electronic protection circuitry supports charging from the microUSB port
    - Two eligible modes, Sampling and Daily
    - Two switches for easy operation
    - Four selectable brightness levels and direct access to the most powerful brightness (Turbo)
    - Smart memory function
    - High-performance constant current circuit, provides constant illumination.
    - Indoor temperature control unit
    - Built-in LEDs inform about remaining battery power (Patent No.ZL201220057767.4)
    - Alloy alloy of aeronautical quality.
    - Resistant to drops up to 1.5 meters high.
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