Revolutionary Smart Pocket Lens.
    It incorporates a CREE XP-L HD V6 LED to deliver a beam of up to 1000 Lumens.
    It is equipped with a fully reflective lens for maximum beam distance that can reach 180 meters.
    It has an OLED display that shows real-time battery level and voltage,
    the brightness level, the selected mode, the remaining time remaining.
    Two locking functions are available.
    Half lock, allowing the use of TURBO lighting for business or emergency needs.
    Full lock, used when the lens is stored in the backpack.
    Advanced power cut-off technology (APC) allows only a minimal amount of parasitic leakage of 1μA.
    So the user enjoys a unique and unprecedented experience in standby mode.
    The built-in 1200mAh lithium-ion rechargeable battery provides power for up to 70 hours of operation.
    A similar action to that provided by 2 CR123 batteries.
    A flexible, powerful, large clip allows the lens to be attached deep into the pocket, the hood of the hat and elsewhere.
    With a weight of only 53.2g including the clip and dimensions of 70.3mm x 29.5mm x 26.2mm is extremely easy to use.
    The outer casing is made of high-strength aluminum alloy, resistant to hard HAIII anodised scratches.
    The USB port cover provides protection against dust and bumps.
    It has two operating options. Everyday for outdoor use and prolonged lighting and demonstration mode for day-to-day short lighting.
    Direct access to very low and very high (Turbo) lighting.
    Five selected brightness levels - Very Low / Low / Medium / High / Turbo.
    Intelligent charging protection circuit, overload protection, overload protection, short circuit protection, automatic end of charging upon completion.
    It is capable of running continuously when connected to an energy source (eg Power Bank)
    The sophisticated high-power current circuit provides a continuous beam without flickering.
    The temperature control unit allows you to adjust the beam intensity to always maintain maximum performance.
    It has a stainless steel ring on its back that is able to withstand up to 30kg weight.
    - Revolutionary Smart Pocket Lens.
    - Incorporates a CREE XP-L HD V6 LED with a maximum beam power of 1000 Lumens.
    - The maximum beam intensity reaches 8130 candles and its distance is 180 meters.
    - It is equipped with a fully reflective optical lens for uniform and gentle illumination
    - A multifunctional OLED screen displays real-time Lumens, battery voltage, battery life, etc.
    - Built-in rechargeable 1200mAh lithium battery
    - Advanced power cut technology for minimal parasitic leakage.
    - Integrated charging circuit via USB port
    - High-performance direct current circuit provides stable output up to 70 hours
    - Two use modes available (Demo mode & Daily operation)
    - Design with two side switches.
    - Five levels of brightness are available and direct access to very powerful TURBO lighting.
    - Smart memory function
    - Two lock modes available
    - Incorporates a Advanced Temperature Control Unit (Patent Number ZL201510534543.6)
    - Metal ring weighing up to 30 kg.
    - Hard anodization of HAII
    - Resistant to drops of up to 1 meter height.
    Technical data
    Dimensions: 70.3mm x 29.5mm x 26.2mm (Including clip)
    Weight: 53.2 g (Including clip)
    Accessories on the packaging
    Buckle for hanging on keys
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